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A day in The Laurentians during Expérience Ski Québec – 2008

Unfortunaltely I was not able to meet all Expérience Ski Québec Fam Trip participants this year. I have accompanied the groups 3 times in the past years and for this edition, my lucky number was picked by Virginie Larouche in The Laurentians, and my day of skiing would be in Tremblant. Since I only had  one day, I really wanted to make the most of it.

Lucky enough, it snowed about 2 inches during the night. The ski (and snowboard – for the UK guys and Virginie!) conditions were just perfect. The skiing guys separated into two groups… the fast ones went with Caroline Gasparro and Marieve, sales representatives for Tremblant and the extra-fast-ones, spent the morning with Virginie and myself (even if they were on snowboards…). In the end, surprisingly enough, they were’nt too bad for boarders… and Ken (from the US) and I, the only ones on skis, had to make sure, they would wait for us!

We had lots of fun, especially when Virginie took us, at 9 : 30, to open up another side of the mountain, Le Versant Soleil, for first tracks. Most of the pictures in the video are from that run. Then we went on the North side and on the Edge side of the mountain. We eventually cam back up the chairlift that flies over the snowpark (helmets mandatory in Québec if you or your children want to use the modules and jumps).

Lunch was at Le Shack restaurant… when you visit Tremblant, you HAVE to visit this ‘historic’ place by the slopes.  I ate a humongus (is that a word?) burger (with fries like I like them!) in front of Eli Sucar, the food services manager. Catherine was close by enjoying her humongus Chef’s Salad.

 I went back on the slopes with Catherine and Richard and enjoyed a couple of runs before visiting Tremblant Activity Center. These guys are like the ‘concierges’ of the resort and can organise all the activities you could dream of. They have ready-to-book activities and much, much more like a heli tour of the area for example. Then we were off to La Diable Micro-Brewery for a beer tasting event. That beer is very tasty and a perfect après-ski for.. well, the après-ski!

Then, just about an hour left for a jump in the hot tub (my specialty!) of the Ermitage the hotel where I couch surfed in Virginie’s room (thanks again for the hospitality my friend!).

I met with eveyone (except my friend Ken, nowhere to be found, maybe having a nap before a great supper at the Quintessence?) at the Marriott before leaving to come back home in Boucherville (south shore of Montréal) to find my little family…

This is the trip Virginie Larouche from The Laurentians and Véronique Bourgon from Tourisme Québec had organised. Although I could only make a short visit, I was told the whole trip was quite something.

Here is the schedule:

March 9 to March 13 2008
Discover the Laurentians!
Thanks to the various partners

Sunday March 9, 2008
Dorval Airport
The Mont-Tremblant International Airport
Blueberry Lake

Alaskan Husky Adventure
L’Hôtel du Lac
Cabane à Sucre Millette

Monday March 10, 2008
Equipment rental provided by Station Mont-Tremblant
Auberge Gray Rocks
Hotel le Chantecler, Ristorante Trimonti
Chantecler Hotel

Mont Saint-Sauveur
Ski Morin Heights
Chamber of commerce of the Saint-Sauveur Valley

Les Calèche Du Vallon
Bourbon Street night club

Tuesday March 11, 2008
Spa Le Baltique
The Marriott and the Country Inn and Suites
Ermitage du Lac

Fairmont Tremblant

Wednesday March 12, 2008
Ski Tremblant

Les Suites
Le Shack Restaurant
Mont-Tremblant activities center
La Diable Micro-Brewery
Hotel Quintessence
Le P’tit Caribou, Tremblant’s most famous bar!

Thursday March 13, 2008
Village Mont-Blanc Condo

Mont Blanc

Thanks to all our other partners :
Tourisme Québec, Continental Air Lines, Air Canada.

PLEASE add you comments about this trip for future references and other Ski Clubs, Councils and Tour Operators that could not visit during the Fam Tour and do not forget to see my first ever video produced (and directed) by myself, made on my computer this afternoon!

Also, here is a link to my pictures on Flickr.


  1. First of all, I would like to thank the Government of Quebec and Tourisme Quebec for giving me a chance to visit this beauty.

    I am Najla from Art by Touch, an Inbound/Outbound Agency in Toronto – Specialist in Brazil. I just loved the opportunity to participate in this FAM Trip through the Laurentian Mountains in Quebec. As being a Brazilian-Canadian, I was born with the Samba steps in my feet instead of a pairs of ski. hehehe

    But I am not afraid of anything, so I’ve decided to try the Cross Country Ski in St. Bernard – a little town close to Mount Tremblant and the Snowshoes Trail at Morin Heights. I liked it very much and I will definitely promote not only these activities but the whole Laurentian region to my fellows in South America.

    This part of Quebec is truly beautiful and I can imagine how marvelous it can be during summer and during the Fall Colors, I am positive my clients will enjoy a lot.

    Concerning the food, well we are in Quebec, the best cuisine in Canada in my opinion. Mont Tremblant is a gem, so pretty and very handy with the cobblestones streets opened only for pedestrians to enjoy the restaurants and the boutiques with interesting products from Quebec.

    There you can find accommodation for all kind of budget. From the bed and breakfast to the most luxurious boutique hotel I’ve ever seen in Canada. Outstanding.

    I’ve also visited other towns i.e. St. Sauveur, Mont Blanc, Gray Rocks and the day we’ve spent in the SPA …wow…that was a real treat. I could stay an entire day in those waters, sauna, and patio…very relaxing.

    I usually participate in FAM Trips worldwide because I like to know and to experience what I am selling to my clients. It gives me more confidence to sell the product and I am able to answer any questions my clients may ask me.

    For those who couldn’t participate at this time, please do so in the future. It is worth it. My experience in Cross Country Ski and Snowshoes was almost “ZERO” and as a Beginner I recommend to try it.

    And after this trip I am really thinking about getting some Ski or Snowboard Lessons at Gray Rocks, maybe next winter. Maybe I will change my Samba steps to a pair of Skis. Hehehe

    Thank you again for the opportunity and see you there soon…

    Najla from Art by Touch – Specialist in Brazil

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