Posted by: martinelizotte | April 7, 2008

Arriving in Vail…

Me voilà in Vail, Colorado!

I arrived in Vail, after a night in Denver-by-the-airport (quite nice and efficient airport). I took the Mountain Express Shuttle  with Diane Roy from Mont-Sainte-Anne/Stoneham. We had time to talk a little and she taught me lots about the ‘dating game’ I am about to play. 

Denver AirportArriving in Vail was a bit surprising…. I was expecting… lets say… a bit more. For some reason, I was expecting glaciers and rockies like all we see in the surroundings. I am told that there is more than meets the eye. Also, the village is quite large, I mean wide. We have to take the bus to go from one ‘village’ to the other, it’s not all concentrated as it would be in Tremblant village for example. Well, I gess this is all part of the orientation process. Had lunch with Diane Roy and Pascale Boivin (picture with me) from Château Mont-Sainte-Anne.

I’m off to the Cascade Village now for my MTS registration and, CANADA night! A party where all the ‘ski’ provinces (Québec, Alberta and British Columbia ) and their partners picht-in to host a party for Tour Operators…

See you later!

Martine (me!) and Pascal Boivin (Château Mont-Sainte-Anne) in Vail village.

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