Posted by: martinelizotte | April 7, 2008

Canada night

My first event at MTS is the Canadian reception organised by the Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC) in partnership with ‘ski provinces’ in Canada (Québec, British Columbia and Alberta) and their partners. An ‘ice’ bar just like the ones we often see in Québec City during the Carnaval, great food (the lamb chops were quite something!), La Maudite beer (brewed in Québec) and others but mostly, great company.  Also, to top off the event, there was a Wii station. Tour operators and suppliers competed in a tennis tournament or bowling. That was such a good idea!

On my side, I made new friends: Kristine, Meredith, Daniela, Dominic, John, Chloe, Wendy, Robert and Christophe.

 Here are a couple of pictures to remember the evening…

Chloe and Dominic from Know Snow in Australia Canada nightQuébec Team (missing Pascale Boivin and Élaine Moreau)Canada night decoration



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