Posted by: martinelizotte | April 7, 2008

First day of meetings

6: 20 Wake up call

7: 00 out the door for a first day of meetings

I need to arrive early to make sure I can schedule new and last minute appointments. I have 14* for the moment on 2 days and hope to get a total of approx 30. Translation: no time for skiing today nor tomorrow… Guess I need to see this as an investment. If I do a good job, maybe lost of groups and Tour Operators will decide to come to Québec to ski and… maybe I’ll HAVE to go ski with them, greet them and show them around? Wishful thinking you’ll say? Maybe… only time will tell! 🙂

Got to go for now, wish me good luck! ( I am a bit nervous since it’s my first time).

* Tourico Holidays, Orbitz, Viviana Viajes,, Receptour Canada. Alpine Adventure, Expedia, etc…


  1. Bonjour Martine!

    Just a little note to wish you good luck with your meeting! The people that you meet today are good and Fun partner, I’m sure you will have some nice meeting! Enjoy everything! Say Hello to everyone from me! Virginie XXX

  2. Hi Martine, I know you will do a huge success out of this trip.

    Go Quebec, go!


  3. Have fun Martine representing La Belle Province at the show. I have added your blog to my blogroll



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