Posted by: martinelizotte | April 7, 2008

MTS Initiation…

Yeah! I am now officially initiated. I passed the test (well I think), although I was late for my first ever ever meeting, I think, in general, I did OK. 

How can you be late for a first meeting? The problem is that Richard, whom I had met in the Expérience Ski Québec Fam Tour last month in Tremblant (see my post and video) was not at the Ski The Americas stand as I thought but at Snoventure. Super Richard has many hats and represents differents companies… (Snoventures, Samsara Expeditions, Ski the Americas and 365 skiing). Guess this was a beginner’s error, I will learn. Nevertheless, I am still faster than him on the slopes 😉

Others meetings went well and there should be many opportunities to see more of Québec ski resorts and hotels in Tour Operators packages in the relatively near future. That is if I do all the follow up work that comes with all the meetings (I finally have 25 between today and tomorrow).

Anyways, I think these meetings are really fun because I get to meet new people. It is different than introducing yourself to a stranger in a mixer or reception, you are meeting a stranger (in my case since I am a beginner at this) on whom you have done research on. 

Anyways, that’s it for now! Oups, I forgot to say that it snowed ALL day here and that it is a bit frustrating not to be on the slopes… But I know I’ll be rewarded someday, somehow…like being snowed-in a chalet, somewhere like in the Eastern Townships and having to ski Sutton or Owl’s Head for a whole week!  🙂

Here are a couple of souvenir pictures of todays’ trading + SNOW !

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