Posted by: martinelizotte | April 9, 2008

Tough choice…at MTS

Although the presentations are interesting, a tough choice come up for this afternoon:

Learning (more presentations) vs. skiing Vail…

Ok, ok, the next lines are being written to take out the guilt off the obvious choice I will make. Although I’m here 7 days in total, the MTS schedule is so packed, no time for skiing….

Being in the ski industry, skiing is part of the learning don’t you think?!?! Nowadays, benchmarking is central to decision making and marketing strategies, thus the need to spend some time on the slopes and feel the mountain and ambiance don’t you think? Actually, isn’t the opportunity to test and research what I’ve learned in the first sessions? For example, does Vail ‘over promise’ and most importantly do they ‘over deliver’? What is the brand (one word) Vail tries to put into my mind and they want me to associate with the experience I get playing on the mountain? Are you convinced of the importance of this very important ski session? And you know what, maybe I’ll meet some Tour Operators on the slope and have time to talk more about the skiing in Québec… 😉

Well if you are not convinced, I am !!! Got to go, I’m off to the mountain. Don’t worry, I’m taking the camera with me!

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