Posted by: martinelizotte | April 13, 2008

Back home with lots of homeworks in my backpack!

I came back yesterday on a direct flight with Air Canada from Denver to Montréal. The airport is 2 hours from Vail and we were lucky that the road was not too bad after the storm. It had been closed for 9 hours the night before leaving people waiting in their car the whole time…

Ms Marianne was at the airport to welcome me. Of course, wherever I go, snowstorms follow me and although we’re mid-April, snowflakes were on schedule waiting for me!

MTS was really fun but now, all the work begins… over 50 meetings with Tour Operators and Ski Clubs/Councils means lots of opportunities and let’s hope, many ski visitors to Québec in the next years. Everyone that experiences want to come back for more.

I overheard a conversation while in Vail by two Club managers. The first was telling the other how she and her group had enjoyed a recent Club trip to Québec. That they had experienced great skiing but also other activities and ambiance never experienced elsewhere in North America.   Great: just what we are trying to get through to everyone. Québec = skiing + great food, cultural diversity, ambiance, other activities, shopping, après-ski and more. With the French language being the official way to communicate (most people also speak english), this is like being in Europe but not having to travel as far.

Next step, finalise the Québec ski offer brochure and send it to all…

But for now, I need to unpack my huge luggage!!!

For all the pictures from my trip to MTS in Vail follow this link to Flickr.


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