Martine Lizotte - photo by Ken Levins

My name is Martine Lizotte and I am a ski addict.

I wore my first pairs of skis at age 3. From age 8 to 16, I raced on my hometown ski resort and won many of the race entered localy, regionaly, pronvicialy and at 16, I even won the Québec Ski Championship for my age group. Then, I had to make a decision weather to continue skiing as a career or concentrate on my education. My assessment was very difficult but I looked behind and saw a little bomb from Québec city on the hills, 2 years younger than me but quite extraordinary for her age. This helped me make a decision. It turned out it was a great idea… Mélanie Turgeon was her name she grew up to become World Downhill Champion!!!

 I later studied in Tourism Marketing and ended my bachelor degree studying the ski industry in a special project. I now hold a Master’s degree in Tourism Marketing. After working and travelling abroad (France, Ireland and England), I came back to Québec for, I could not believe my luck, the perfect job… Communication Director for the Québec Ski Areas Association, representing the 80 ski areas in the province of Québec!

Two funny things about that job : 1) My mother (!) had sent my resumé after seeing a posting for the job – I was living in Paris at the time and she wanted me to come back home. I did the interview by phone and got the job and 2) I found my now husband because of that job (but that’s another story!).

Anyways, I worked (but can this be called work?) for the Association for 7 years (2000 to 2007) and eventually, after months and months of debating with myself about the idea, I resigned from the job. Why ? Well, in the meantime, my husband and I had the immence pleasure of becoming parents of a daughter. The cutest and the most intelligent little girl in the whole world (really, I’m telling you!!!). At age 2, she gave us a bit of a scare with health problems (all resolved now) and it made us rethink about the speed at which we lived our life. My husband and I decided that we should slow it down a little and invest more time in our family.

I am now an independant worker and have contracts with my past employer, the Québec Ski Areas Association and a new client, Tourism Montréal, where I work in the Cultural Tourism department (another passion of mine – my Masters’ degree project was to study cultural tourism in urban environment – exactly what I do now, 10 years later!).

As part of my contract with the Québec Ski Areas Association, I am in charge of a new project called ‘Club Exportateur’. This is a new and much smaller association with only the 10 biggest ski areas (resorts)* in the province of Québec – the ones that can cater to international clienteles and groups – and over 30 hotel partners. All located in the 4 regions of the province:  the Laurentians, the Eastern Townships, Québec City and Area and Charlevoix.

This new association, le Club Exportateur, is working hand in hand with the Ministère du Tourisme, the governing body in tourim for the province of Québec.  

So that’s it! This is who I am and why I have this blog. I will try to post items that are interesting to Ski Clubs and Councils, Tour Operators, visitors and journalists.  I will post pictures and informations that I believe will help plan a ski visit to one of the ski resorts in the wonderful province of Québec!

 Please feel free to participate in this blog, add your comments, your experience visiting the ski areas in the province and send your pictures!

* LAURENTIANS: Tremblant, Mont Blanc, Mont-Saint-Sauveur/Avila. EASTERN TOWNSHIPS: Sutton, Orford, Owls’ Head, Bromont. QUÉBEC CITY AND AREA: Mont-Sainte-Anne, Stoneham. CHARLEVOIX: Le Massif.


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