Posted by: martinelizotte | April 4, 2008

Expérience Ski Québec at Vail/Colorado for MTS

Wow! I cannot believe my luck!  I am the ‘chosen one’ to represent Expérience Ski Québec and Tourisme Québec at the Mountain Travel Symposium 2008 (MTS) in Vail, Colorado! This will be my first ‘experience’ at MTS and actually, to tell you the truth, my first ever real trade exchange (with meeting sessions planned). They call it ‘trade exchange’ I call it professionnal ‘speed dating’!

I am leaving Montréal tomorrow (Saturday April 5) afternoon and returning home next Saturday. One whole week of ‘no shores, no cooking, no washing’ for a family mom is certainly positive but comes with sadness to leave Ms Marianne (4 1/2 years old) at home. Thanks to Skype, we’ll see and speak to each other through the computer.

I am very excited about this trip and will be with good friends and meet much more. Some of Québec ski resorts representatives are: Diane Roy – Mont-Sainte-Anne/Stoneham, Robert Dubois and Benoit Deshaies – Tremblant and Hélène Moreau – Le Massif

My role: represent Tourisme Québec as well as Expérience Ski Québec (10 ski resorts in 4 regions + 30 hotels).

I will try to keep this blog up to date and add pictures of my experience… Got to go for now, I have to pack my suitcase!


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